We specialise in salvage logs. Our boards and slabs are processed to the highest quality to ensure the success of your project.

All timber processed at The Timber Bloke is catalogued. This means that we can try to  source your project from the same log thereby ensuring a more consistent grain and colour. Contract milling, machining and sanding is also available.


Most slabs are air dried first, then kiln dried to the finished moisture content. We kiln dry our slabs to help ensure that ... See more

Normally boards are cut from 50 to 350mm wide and 19, 25, 32, 38, 45, 50mm thick. Each board is marked for length, tree ... See more

We mill timber for both spindle and bowl turning. Plenty of 75mm x 75mm for salt and pepper grinders. Bowl blanks up to 100mm ... See more

We have a good stock of posts for table and bed legs in both 75 and 100mm size. Occasionally up to 200mm. We also cut triangle ... See more

We stock West Systems resins including hardener for crystal clear finishes. Also we can supply a wide range of Organoil ... See more

We stock a limited number of veneers including Queensland Maple, Queensland Walnut, and Tiger Maple in lengths up to 1200m and ... See more

We stock burl caps and burl slices. Usually we have stocks of Jarrah, Marri and York ... See more